About the velocos

On the 16 of May 2004 Monika and Robi loaded up their bicycle, and said their goodbyes to family and friends and started their bicycle tour in front of their house in Zuerich / Switzerland. They were absolutely beginners and did not have had any experience with longer Bicycle tours except a shorter tour through the Jura, the northwest part of Switzerland. Monika got the idea of a bicycle journey, when she was 23 years old and read an article about Heidi Triet, a female solo cyclist who cycled around the world in 4 years. Spontaneous, Monika contacted Heidi, and met her a week later. Monika was so curious, that she sought out Heidi with many questions to be answered. She was very impressed about Heidis epic trip and inspired to do the same one day. A couple years passed, but she never gave up on her dream of one day conquering her own long cycle journey. In the spring of 2001, Monika met Robi and they fell in love immediately. It did not take much convincing for Robi to agree to accompany Monika on her life-changing journey. Right away they start saving money and planning for now, both of their big dreams. Finally the big day came, and Monika and Robi head off for their self-supported tour.

Monika Estermann: Born 07 of October 1972, in Rickenbach/Luzern, Switzerland
Occupation: Apprenticeship and graduated as construction painter.
Trained and graduated as Flight Attendant / Stewardess
Hobbies: Family, meeting friends, traveling, cycling, skiing, horseback riding, listening to music and dancing, cinema, visiting unknown countries, people and cultures. And of course, do sometimes crazy things 😉

Robert Spengeler: Born 03 of March 1964, in Glattbrugg/Zuerich, Switzerland
Occupation: Apprenticeship and graduated as electronic technician,
Trained and graduated as computer system technician
Hobbies: Spend time with family and friends, traveling, cycling, Ice hockey, table football, sailing, take photographs, music, cinema and cooking.





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