Africa we come

Africa just a glimpse away

Africa, the cradle of mankind, and the second biggest continent of the earth, are close at hand. After Asia and America, Africa is already the third continent we explore by push bike. It is a gentle arrival after 2 weeks of ship travel across the Atlantic. The anticipation for South Africa is huge, but first wait is announced then because of a missing paper, the huge ship must endure before the coast. After 4500 nautical miles (over 8000km) over the big pond, we are now drifting off the South African coast. A small pretaste on Africa, then patience should be available enough. As an old African proverb says.

“You Europeans have the clocks, we have the time”

South Africa KZN North Durban Anchorage CC Tosca-002bw

Land in sight

South Africa KZN Durban harbour-068bw



We enter the port

South Africa KZN Durban harbour-006bw

Trawler pulls container ship; David und Goliath

After three days of waiting, the floating giant may enter the largest port of Africa. The 335 meter long container ship can be loaded with 8400 containers, which corresponds to a over 50 km long freight train. The captain and the first officers have now exchanged their shirts for elegant sailor uniforms in order to be able to receive the port and customs authorities accordingly.

The charge is cleared

As soon as the giant has laid out, a part of the cargo is cleared and loaded with new containers. As leaded by ghost hand huge crane booms float over the ship deck, Where they unloading a container from the ship to positioning them later precisly at the loading area of a truck, who is waiting at the dock. For us it is now time to say goodbye. It is a gentle arrival after 2 weeks on open sea. During the Atlantic crossing we had time to reflect, after 5 amazing years we spent on the American continent. The container ship journey also gave us the opportunity to feel the distance between the two continents. There is also no luggage limitation of 20kg they didn`t charge us for the bicycles and you can almost carry everything, even tubes and empty petrol bottles.

Again firm ground under the feet

South Africa KZN Durban harbour-085bw

bicycle on the hook

Even our luggage and the bikes are hauled by ship Krahn from the belly of the ship. We say goodbye to the captain and the crew, and leave the ship with a little nostalgia; we really had a great time on board. One last time we look back at the ship and our bikes are rolling for the first time on the African continent!



South Africa KZN Durban harbour-102bw

We say goodbye to the captain

South Africa KZN Durban harbour-066bw

Where to go with all the containers?

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