Feeling Home

Linda and Angie, two lovely ladies in their 60s, who invited us to stay at their home in Anchorage, are very friendly and helpful to us. They take their time and drives us around Anchorage. One day they take us all the way to the 140-acre Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, close to Gridwood. AWCC’s mission is to provide refuge for orphaned, injured, and ill animals-those that can’t survive in the wild. The center also educates visitors about Alaska’s wildlife.On your visit, we got the chance to see bears, moose, deer, plus caribou, elk, bison, a bold eagle with just one wing, and musk oxen, before we probably meet them out in the wild, when we cycle through Alaska and Canada. One year ago, we met Ruth, a 75 years old energetic Swiss lady. She leaves already half a century in British Columbia, Canada and invited us kindly in autumn 2010 into her home. Ruth told us a lot about Ella, who lives in Alaska. We visit Ella. She is also born in Switzerland and already 52 years married with her husband Till. They both live in a cozy Log house in a wonderful location, up the hill in Chugiak-Alaska. Ella&Till live together with Till’s brother Mike, their dog Snoopy and a duck Daisy.When we arrive at their home in Chugiak, we meet Ruth, who arrived a week ago by airplane from Canada. What a Welcome! Ruth, Ella, and Sonya, a third Swiss lady, who lives now in Vancouver, Canada, cycled in 1959 from Canada to Alaska! Till tells us about his adventurous journey, which he did in 1951, when he hitchhiked with a little monkey around the world. We feel immediately comfortable and warmly received in this nice little group. We have much in common and there are many laughs and anecdotes about our adventurous trips.

Robi mostly gets up pretty early. One morning, on the short way between the Log House and the cabin, he get the chance to see two Black bears playing in the drive way. He calls Monika, but when she arrives, the bears already disappeared. She can only recognize the cracking noise in the bushes. Up here, we get many chances to see smaller and larger animals, something we probably still remain long in our memory. Just before we hit the road, we stock up our food supplies in the nearby supermarket, so we won’t run out of food on our way up north. We pack all the food neatly into our new Ortlieb panniers and put it away in our little hut beside the house.
It has probably spoken quite rapidly among the animals in the woods, that we stashed all that yummy food in our little chalet.The next day we recognize with horrify, that a hungry squirrel has gone to our brand new bike panniers and has biten a huge hole in one of the bags. Robi is in shock and can hardly believe it. Lucky we are able to patch up the damaged bag and so nothing can prevent us from continuing our journey.

We are very fidgety and looking forward to get back on the saddles, to wheel up north, into new adventures, which are waiting along the road.

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