Let’s go to Chicken!

After the spectacular ride along the Denali Highway, we picked up our first food parcel in Paxson and pitched our tent just beside a clear creek. We took a very refreshing bath in the fast running stream and warmed ourselves beside the fire.  Next morning we continued cycling north. The landscape was still spectacular and we were very lucky with the sunny weather, so even we faced mostly a strong head wind, we did enjoy the ride very much.We arrived in Chicken, which was called Ptarmigan before.. However, the spelling could not be agreed on and the name Chicken was used to avoid embarrassment. You will not believe but Chicken, with a population of seven people by 2010 has its own post office! Chicken is a community founded on gold mining and is one of the few surviving gold rush towns in Alaska. Even you are not looking for gold, this village is worthwhile a visit. There are several active gold dredges in this area, and you can still see folks digging for gold. In Chicken, we supposed to pick up another parcel with food and we also excepted a bigger parcel with urgently needed spare tires and Ortlieb bags.  The day we arrived at the post office, it was pouring rain.

Robin, the postmaster explained us that all the parcels will be delivered by a small airplane to Chicken. That is very convenient, but when it is too cloudy, it is too dangerous to fly. That means for us, no parcel today. :-(  That gave us some time to explore a bit the surroundings and taste some delicious cinnamon rolls in “downtown”. Finally, the weather cleared up and Robin informed us that the small airplane is on the way. “You want to come with me to the airstrip, to pick up the parcels?” she asked. “That would be great!” Monika answers with a big smile on her face.  When we arrive at the small airstrip, the airplane just arrives.

We help to unload the airplane and recognize immediately our urgently needed parcels. “It feels like Christmas in summer, so many parcels”! Robi screams exited. 😉 Thanks to Linda&Angie, our lovely hosts from Anchorage, who arranged to send the parcel forward and a big thanks to Ortlieb, who equipped us with new waterproofed panniers and dry bags.

Back in town, we mount the new tires and pack the brand new Ortlieb bags. Even it is already late in the afternoon, we decide to continue further north. That is wonderful about summer in Alaska and northern Canada. You got almost 24 hours of day light! Our next goal is the Top of the world Highway, where we plan to cross the border in to Canada. But more about this adventure in the next blog entry. ;-))

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