Rolling homes

We choose to cycle the Denali Highway. The majority of the road is unpaved and can be a challenge, especially in rainy conditions, but we did not regret it and were reward with an amazing landscape. We are cycling along the breathtaking Alaskan range. Snowy peaks and huge glaciers accompany us all the way. The first day, we were already challenged with some steeper uphill’s.

On a small plateau, we reach a beautiful lake where we want to spend the night. Because the sun was shining the whole day and we are still sweating from pedaling uphill, and so we decide spontaneously to jump into the lake and have a little swim. We are not the only people, who choose to stay overnight at this wonderful location. There is already a bigger camper van parking there. We knock at their door and introduce ourselves. Jill and Martin, a friendly English couple in their fifty’s, opens the door. “Hello” is Jill greeting us. “You want to have a cup of tea?” is she asking and invites us right away in their RV. Beside tea and a wonderful dessert, we have an interesting and long conversation. We find out, that they are also traveling around the world. When their children left their house, they decided to realize their dream. They sold their house and set off for an adventures journey around the world. They have a great humor and so we laugh a lot together. It is getting late, before we leave the cozy van and go back to our little home. This is precisely the beauty of travel, you meet some great people and they tell you their interesting stories. Two days later, we meet them again. In a longer uphill, they just pull over and invite us again for afternoon tea and cake. What a nice surprise!All over Alaska, Canada and the USA, you can see motor homes everywhere. Some are RV’s others are Campers, Trailers, vans or pick-ups, some are small, big, old, or new, some are owned others are just rented for a short or longer vacation. Many of them are huge, like buses, which even toad a car or a boat behind! The big ones are often owned by older retired couples, who sold their house and got a rolling one instead. We met a few owners and we can say there is not a typical caravan owner at all. Everybody is different! They can be young, old, single, a couple, families, and a lot of them travel with their dogs and cats. We get a very different view from the caravan or RV owners, how they call them here in Northern America. Some of them just hit the road for a few weeks but some are traveling for several months or years. A few have taken a longer holiday or an extended vacation for a few months. Some have enough from the stressful western life, or others like to break out their regular daily routine.

They sold everything and among them, there are many, which left their home countries and explore other parts of the world. Many are retired and could finally realize their long held dream to travel around in a luxury motor home. Additionally there are the species, which live their whole life in their rolling homes, thus moving from one place to another and do not want to settle down. Nothing is right, nothing is wrong. It’s just different and that makes life interesting! On the entire route from Alaska through Canada, we got stopped again and again from very amiable fellows, who invite us in their cozy motor home and offers us coffee, tea, snacks and a couple of times even Swiss chocolate! After such wonderful treat, we were ready for the next hill. 😉

We would like to take this opportunity to thanks all this friendly people. Grazia fitg,vile Dank, Merci beaucoup, mille grazie. 🙂

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