Spectacular ferry ride to Alaska

With a laughing and crying eye, we wave back. We will miss the relaxed Island groove, but we also look forward for new exiting adventurer and interesting meetings along the way. Beginning of June 2011, we finally continue our bicycle journey. From the southern Gulf Islands, where we spent the winter, we cycled down to Bellingham. Here we board a ferry to Alaska.

We are so lucky with the weather and enjoy the sunshine and the entertaining boat ride on the Alaska Marine Highway. At the first part and still in Canadian waters, our ship is cruising close to the shore, in breathtaking landscape and trough narrow channels.

The captain makes an announcement. “On backboard (left hand side of the ship) you can see whales!”

Immediately there is activity on the ferry and almost everybody moves to the left hand side. Surprisingly, the heavy ship doesn’t lean to the left. It’s so amazing to watch this huge creatures, how elegant this giants float through the waters. In the next few days, we are passing picturesque villages, inhabitant just by a couple souls. No roads leading to these tiny communities, there are only accessible by boat or water-airplane.

“There are dolphins!” is someone screaming. Really, very close to the boat, a playful school of dolphins enchanted the passengers.

We are leaving now the Inner passage and crossing open waters. The sea is getting rougher and Monika feels immediately the motion of the boat. The poor thing spends now more time in the bathroom, then on the deck and she is happy when we finally arrive at the port of Whittier, where we leave the ferry. From Whittier, it’s just a day long ride to Anchorage, where we can stay with a friendly couple. We use the time and replace important parts of our equipment. Ortlieb, the famous manufacture of sturdy waterproofed panniers and bags is excited about our long bicycle journey, so the offer us to replace the heavy used panniers and bags. It feels like Christmas in summer!

A big Thanks to Ortlieb Germany, and Ortlieb USA.

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